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How to choose the pressure switch from EUROSWITCH

Make sure you needed to confirm the types of switches

1 mechanical type

2 electronic

If the mechanical pressure switch is selected, the following parameters are required.

1 switch range

2 switch lag

3 body material

4 switch function: normally closed or open or SPDT

5 interface dimensions

6 medium temperature

7 electrical connection form:

8 protection level:

For electronic pressure switch, please confirm the following parameters

1 range

2 switch range

3 Precision

4 switch number

5 switch function: normally open normally closed (PNP or NPN output)

6 interface dimensions

7 medium temperature

8 electrical connection mode

9 protection level

Please pay attention to the difference between the two.

1 switch function: mechanical switch has a SPDT function than electronic

2 load power: mechanical switching load is larger than electronic,

3 applications: mechanical pressure switch can be directly connected to the circuit, or the use of the relay, and the electronic pressure switch output switching signal, and the need for external power supply.

4 price: mechanical pressure switch is cheaper than electronic